It would be awesome

Man. I wish homophobic people were actually afraid of gay people. Like imagine having the power to strike fear into peoples hearts with your gayness. You could just be like “If I don’t have £1,000,000 on my doorstep by noon tomorrow I will kiss this woman on the mouth in front of your children! I swear!”… That would be the bloody brilliant


Horror Story – The little girl down the lane

It was a dark stormy night and a little boy was wondering aimlessly through the empty streets looking for the girl who had run from him. She had run crying into the dark. His new friend who had moved into the house 2 doors down from him. He had heard rumours about the house. A little girl got possessed and killed her whole family before running rampage in the streets strangling shooting and stabbing anyone who got in her way. She had run right into a river and drowned. No one had lived in the house for over 20 years. Realtors who tried to sell the house described the incident as a young girl was abused and simply went insane. People still turned down the house because of the dark gloomy gravestone at the bottom of the garden. It was the gravestone of a little girl. She had been brutally beaten to death with a hammer. Her father had killed her and then fled the country. She was said to be the ghost that had possessed the girl. The boy was calling out her name for hours until he came to a stop outside her house. He remembered she liked to go into the garden. He went into the side gate to look in the garden. He saw a figure bent over the gravestone at the bottom of the garden. He called her name out but it got carried away with the harsh wind. She turned her head to see him and slowly got up. She turned and started walking towards him. He noticed her face suddenly had bruises and cuts as if she had been beaten violently. He asked her what happened but she ignored him. She kept walking towards him then suddenly stopped. A tear fell down her cheek. She said in a 6 year olds voice. ‘He beat me. With my china dolly. It hit me in my face and hurt my eyes and really hurt me. I remember seeing mummy watching me. She was laughing at me. He kept hitting me and didn’t stop. I died. He is still alive. I know where he is. I have to hurt him like he hurt me. He has to pay’. The boy looked at her in disbelief. He said to her ‘You don’t have to kill him. He has to live with the guilt of your death. It’s painful enough’. She shouted ‘He hasn’t paid! He has to be hurt’. She jumped on him and started hitting him with the strength of 2 men. She beat him until he was numb.The last thing he saw was the pain in her face as she stabbed herself with a rusty pitchfork and fell to the ground.